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Mass Exodus at KPMG or Just a Day Ending in Y?

Meanwhile, in the Asia-Pacific (India, we think)…

Twelve years ago my esteemed former colleague Caleb Newquist got clowned for calling six resignations at KPMG NYC an exodus so we’ll refrain from warnings about skies falling down for now.

2 thoughts on “Mass Exodus at KPMG or Just a Day Ending in Y?

  1. Retention is actually beating plan this year. The Great Resignation is largely over and while we still need more people; the firm is in a much better place than this time last year.

    The redditor is probably experiencing the post promo resignation wave.

  2. Disagree with you. My BU’s situation was dramatic last year. This years it is a tragedy… multiple teams with only managers and above and no, zero, null, nada, staff

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