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Ex-Grant Thornton CEO Must Have Been Bored Because He Joined a Board

Mike McGuire, our favorite mustachioed retired CEO of Grant Thornton, must have had some extra time on his hands because he is the newest member of the board of directors at Charlotte, NC-based Akoustis Technologies Inc., a provider of bulk acoustic wave high-band RF filters for mobile and other wireless devices.

McG is now the seventh member on the company’s board of directors, and will serve on its Nominating Committee and as chair of Akoustis’ new IT Governance Committee, according to a Sept. 2 press release.

When he officially retired from the Purple Rose of Chicago earlier this year before the world went to hell, the press release from GT said McGuire is “active with several civic and business groups and expects to increase these activities.” And at that time we guessed that a spot on a public company board of directors would probably be in his future, as is the case with most former CEOs of large public accounting firms.

To our knowledge, Akoustis is his first seat on such a board.

Taking a look at the other members of the Akoustis board, no one else sports any type of facial hair, so Jerry, Arthur, Jeffrey, Steven, Jeffrey, and Suzanne are in for a treat when they see that dynamic mustache of Mike’s for the first time on Zoom or wherever.[Akoustis]

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