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Accountants Don’t Bitch About Their Pay as Much as Workers in Other Professions Do

LinkedIn recently came out with its latest Workforce Confidence Index survey, in which more than 32,000 U.S. professionals—including accountants—were asked if they felt well-compensated for the work they do. Fortunately for LinkedIn researchers, they conducted an online poll instead of having to wade through all the muck posts of accountants giving digital fellatio to their firms, patting themselves on the back for obtaining the CGMA, and posing with a pile of textbooks they can now burn after passing the CPA exam to see if they were pleased with their paychecks.

Believe it or not, the survey revealed that more than half of accounting professionals say they are happy with their pay (if this survey was conducted on r/accounting or on Fishbowl, the results would likely be different):

The workers who are the most unhappy about their pay are educators (39%), entrepreneurs (41%), and social service workers (43%).

Keep in mind, this survey was conducted before KPMG held compensation discussions with employees. Had Klynveldians taken this survey, that 52% for accountants probably would have dropped a percentage point or two.