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Only One Big 4 Firm Made This Top 100 Internship Programs of 2022 List, You’ll Never Guess Who

DEI and Early Talent Recruitment platform provider Yello has released its sixth annual Top 100 Internship Programs List to highlight “companies across all industries who have gone above and beyond for their interns.” This year’s winner is Boeing with the remaining 99 on the list unranked. Companies nominate themselves for consideration and the anonymized judging centers around criteria like diversity, equity & inclusion, compensation & perks, career development, full-time employment prospects, and unique aspects of the program.

Yello Co-founder Dan Bartfield said this year’s list was more competitive than ever, the total number of employer nominations judges had to review increased 33% over last year.

Since you’re dying to know which Big 4 firm made the cut, see if you can find it on this list:

That’s right…KPMG. “The KPMG internship is a collection of experiences that allow interns to see the depth and breadth of the company culture – from training, to innovation, to community impact, to performance management and mentoring opportunities, to real experience,” reads the expanded entry on the internship list.

Congrats to KPMG, this means next year the interns get a free pair of KPMG shoes yeah?

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