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The New IRS Recruiting Brochure is WILD

Remember how the military tried to recruit Call of Duty players to be drone pilots? Maybe the IRS can take a page from their book and convince young people there is first-person fun to be had bum-rushing naughty taxpayers’ homes.

This isn’t actually from a recruiting brochure, you guys.

5 thoughts on “The New IRS Recruiting Brochure is WILD

  1. Are they really hiring 87,000 actual agents? Or are a lot of these jobs going to be filing, answering phones, sorting mail, low level admin tasks that have very little to do with actual audits.

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with the IRS getting a bigger budget. Anyone who’s been on hold for 6 hours to talk to someone at the IRS just to verify some taxpayer data should welcome this news.

    All this scaremongering is silly, and so is all the animosity towards the IRS. It’s like being mad the police because they arrest you for robbing a bank, they just enforce the laws – they don’t make them.

    Everyone need to chill. The IRS has been long overdue for a larger budget and and upgrade on their systems. This is a good thing everyone. Relax.

    1. Not quite. People are, correctly, angry with the police for harassment or overreach of authority, and having more IRS agents will have the same effect. Animosity toward the IRS is wholly justified and fear of its expansion is rational.

      Just like the police, it’s not just about enforcing the laws, but how the laws are enforced. How they exercise their power.

      And, further, if the laws they are enforcing are unjust, opposing the arm of enforcement is also reasonable.

      A huge expansion of the IRS is not something to be celebrated.

      1. Uhh idk about y’all but I’ll celebrate the IRS hiring people to answer the phones for sure

  2. In over 100 years there have only ever been 8-9,000 IRS Agents filling law enforcement positions…the 87,000 are more likely to be revenue agents, auditors, and admin staff…

  3. I’m sorry, but I kind of love that one dude with “CPA” written on his little military style helmet. Gonna go show this pic to my kids and tell them that’s what mommy does for a living.

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