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Oh, Mitt Romney, How You Tease Us with Your Approximate Effective Tax Rate

As we know, inevitable GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney hasn't been too forthcoming with his 1040, basically saying to hell with tradition and his own son Tripp Kip Skip Flip MATT! suggested (jokingly but sorta seriously) that just as soon as Imam Obama released his birth certificate, maybe dear ol' dad would dig out the tax return. 

However, in last night's debate, Mittens' armor started to crack on the tax return question:

Romney did not firmly commit to releasing his records but said historically candidates have released them around April. "That's probably what I'll do," he said.

That's nice and all but we demand official government documents with the amount of money you made in past years NOW, Willard and your teasing is not appreciated:

Mr. Romney  said his effective tax rate is “probably closer to the 15% rate than anything.”

Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I guess we'll all just have to continue dreaming of your gigantic capital gains. Damn you, Mittens. Damn you.

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