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Now Presenting, By Popular Demand: 2010 Michigan CPA Exam Performance

Let no one claim this website is not almost completely user-generated. We rely on tips, suggestions, complaints and compliments to determine what we write about and what we don't. It's still a work in progress but despite my Republican tendencies, we are a site for the people, by the people. The people being you lonely, bitter, miserable accountants out there.

I wasn't planning on going over Michigan CPA exam results but since the people have spoken, I have no choice but to do their bidding.

Michigan is the 17th largest CPA exam jurisdiction of NASBA's 55 jurisdictions, with 1,003 unique candidates in 2010. Michigan came in 22nd in pass rates at 43.2%; 45.3% for AUD, 39.9% for BEC, 42.4% for FAR and 46.6% for REG. Really not that bad.

Here are the top 5 Michigan schools (I'll try to stay sober enough not to include any typos this time):

1. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 76.5%

2. Calvin College 69.7%

3. Michigan State 63.7%

4. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 62.2% (can someone explain to me why there are two different entries for this school in the NASBA book?)

5. Grand Valley State University 60%

Michigan State University took the most exams at 1,329. They also sent the most candidates at 489.  Despite (or because of) this, they pulled a 63.7% pass rate.

Aquinas College had the lowest pass rate at 28.3%. Northwood University had the lowest average score at 67.2.

The only Michigan colleges that made average scores above 75 were University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (80.6), Michigan State University (76.7), Grand Valley Sate University (76.7) and UM Ann Arbor (still, can someone explain this?) (76.5).

Lake Superior State passed the fewest number of exams, managing just 2 FAR tries out of 6. In fairness, they only sent 18 candidates to 41 exams for a pass rate of 51.2%.

Is there anything else anyone really needs to know about Michigan CPA exam results?

Let me know if I neglected something important and forgive me for not staying current on Michigan accounting programs, I'm out of touch.