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Footnotes: Doctor Who Accountant Goes To Jail; FINRA’s To Do List; Workplace Hostility at All-Time High at One Plant | 1.06.14

Bet the BBC Wales accountant in charge of the program budgets for Doctor Who busted stealing from his trusting employers is wishing he had a TARDIS right about now [Wales Online]

The Senate appears ready to ruin my year already, early congratulations to my arch nemesis Janet Yellen [AP]

YOU are the reason no one wants to work for you (yes, YOU) [Forbes]

Two assclowns in Jersey pleaded guilty to running a fake 9/11 charity [Fox]

And you thought you were tethered to your desk… French Goodyear workers hold managers captive in Amiens Workers at a Goodyear tyre factory in Northern France have been holding two managers captive in a dispute over plans to close the plant. The director of production at the plant in Amiens, Michel Dheilly and human resources chief, Bernard Glaser have not been allowed to leave the plant. Staff and management have been negotiating for years over how to deal with the loss-making plant. [BBC]

The best part about this article on the possibility that the IRS might seize your stuff or ship you off to Club Fed for non-compliance is this gem: When I took the CPA exam I didn’t listen very hard to people who had lots and lots of experience taking the exam (other than tips about what the best restaurants near the exam site were). I would follow that principle if I were in prison and be a bit skeptical about advice on how to get out of prison from my fellow prisoners [Forbes]

FINRA's got one hell of a to do list [Compliance Week]

Business bankruptcies in the US are at their lowest level since 2006, so I guess that means everything is cool now YAY [Reuters]

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo wants to lighten the NY tax burden just a tad [Bloomberg]

Here's what happens when a Cracked troll hits OKCupid to test the male reaction to the douchiest hot girl ever [Cracked]