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Northern Illinois Accounting Professor Is the Subject of the Nerdiest, Most Obscure Hitler Parody Video To Date

The Hitler outburst video meme has long run its course but every once in a while, a new one emerges that is mildly amusing. Rarely are these videos centered on accounting-related matters and even if they are, they tend to be quite unfunny. Today, We received a link to the latest offering and yes, while it's probably not at the level of comedy that some of you desire, it has plenty of nerdy tax references that some of you will recognize and it pokes fun at the Northern Illinois University professor responsible for the students' anxiety about an upcoming exam: 

Seeing how this professor was the object of the Führer's rage and angst, it seemed appropriate to reach to this "Cripe."

"Cripe" is Brad Cripe, an assistant professor at NIU and he sent us a very nice email detailing the story that served as the muse for this particular video:

Hi Caleb:

I was happy to receive your e-mail. Right now, as I type, I'm proctoring the very exam that is referenced in the video!
The short version of my response is: the video is true! I broke my glasses shovelling snow the Friday before the exam, so I wasn't able to get here and post a problem for them on that day. My weekend was so busy that I didn't get the problem posted until Monday morning (a problem with the notorious twist that is referred to in the video) and the solution came a few hours later. The Cripe twist, as it was called, was a property and cash C-corporation distribution problem with some interesting current and accumulated earnings and profits twists.  
Their exam was Tuesday morning, and then I have another class that takes a similar exam on Thursday afternoons. The class is for non-tax track graduate students, so I get my share of the "we really dislike tax" crowd!
I don't post solutions right away, as a matter of practice, because I want students to work the problems without looking at my answer. Many of my students in my graduate class have had me in their undergraduate tax course, so I'm known for some tricky problems on exams. If students work problems before looking at solutions, they can more accurately judge how well they have mastered the material.
Ray, the student who posted the video, is an exceptional student and I hold him in very high regard. I was honored that he spent the time making the video. As I think more and more about the video and my students' reactions to it (which have all been positive), I realize how blessed I am to be a part of their lives. I'm humbled by this because these students take so many classes over their careers. For this student to take the time to parody my class, in a way that was fun, entertaining and respectful, brought me a lot of joy. I forwarded it to my colleagues here at NIU and at other schools, and all of them thought it was hilarious.
I'd be happy to talk to you as well, but wanted to get something off to you sooner, rather than later. I look forward to reading your blog! Best wishes!!!!
Brad Cripe
So while some accounting professors are alleged pimps, getting thrown out of basketball games, working on their abs, or dropping trou, Dr. Cripe seems like the type of professor that we all wish we had at some point. If he can inspire a student to produce a marginally funny video that parodies one of history's most notorious murderous dictators, he must be doing something right.