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In Honor of CPA Day, Let’s Talk Maryland Colleges’ CPA Exam Results

Contributor note: I'm in Annapolis all day with Tom Hood and the amazing Maryland Association of CPAs for their annual CPA Day. Follow #CPADAY12 on Twitter for live updates as Maryland CPAs storm the State House!

Though no one has asked for these results, it's only fitting that I cover Maryland CPA exam performance from the NASBA Candidate Performance book. Fun fact #1: Maryland boasted an Elijah Watt-Sells award winner in 2010. Mike Berryman graduated from the University of Maryland and currently works for Uncle Ernie in Baltimore. Read all about his shock and awe on MACPA's CPA Success blog.

Surprisingly, tiny old Maryland ranks between 18th and 20th in size (depending on whether we are talking about first-time or repeat exams) and came in 23rd in first-time performance and 39th in repeats. Combined, Maryland sent 2,118 unique candidates to the CPA exam in 2010.

Top 5 Maryland schools should be pretty easy as there are only 6 (first-time exams):

  • University of Maryland – College Park 66.5%
  • Loyola 61.9%
  • University of Baltimore 52.4%
  • Salisbury 41.5%
  • Towson 32.4%

University of Maryland – College Park sent the most first-time candidates at 200 while Salisbury sent the fewest at 20.

For all testing events, University of Maryland – College Park also had the highest pass rate at 58.3%.

Fun fact #2: no Maryland colleges averaged a score above 75. The closest was – again – University of Maryland College Park at 74.7.

Of first-time exams taken by advanced degree candidates, University of Maryland – College Park actually stomped Johns Hopkins at 47.2%.