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It’s Monday, Here Are the Memes You Deserve to Start Your Week

Our memes folder is getting a little fat so we figured we should stop hoarding and start sharing. Here are just a few things we spotted around the internets last week that we thought might be relevant to your interests. Enjoy.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by TB4A ™️ (@thebig4accountant) […]

Congratulations, Public Accountants, the Reality of Your Miserable Career Made the Mainstream

This year will mark 15 long, boring, excruciating years I have spent circling the periphery of the accounting industry like a vulture waiting for a warm body to drop so I can get a nice carcass to gnaw on. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. It’s not where I thought I’d end up […]

Turns Out the Guy Who Just Brought Wall Street to Its Knees Is an Accounting Grad Because of Course He Is

By now most of you — yes, even the dad-joke-slinging boomers who hang around here — have seen the headlines about the Redditors who took on Wall Street, put their pennies into failing GameStop, and are currently locked in the weirdest game of chicken you’ll see this year. As we were strongly reminded when this […]


Accountants of Reddit Take Instagrammer to Karma Court Over Meme Theft

Inb4 one of y’all thinks to comment “geez, Adrienne, slow news day?” let me remind you that we write about accounting; every day is a slow news day. So unless one of y’all plan to embezzle something, let it go, that comment doesn’t hurt me. In the last year or so, /r/accounting has made the […]

Does KPMG Even Meme, Bro?

Apparently! From Fortune: As the stereotype goes, accountants are a species of professional often seen as spiritless human calculators—and not as indispensable visionaries. “‘Taxes must be boring.’ I get that all the time,” says Kirt Bocox, senior tax manager at KPMG, one of the firm’s many employees who dispute—indeed refute—that pre-conception. “People get the stereotype […]

Oh, So You Want to Quit Your Job? Tell Me About The Farewell Email You Wrote

Listen, I think we're all still a little traumatized by the last farewell email posted on this website, so while the following farewell can't hold a candle to that one (I am hoping we never receive a farewell email of that caliber ever again, really), we're posting this one for two reasons. First, MEMES. Second, […]

The “In a JIT” Guy As “The Most Interesting Accountant In the World”

Either James Huang really is the most interesting accountant in the world or he just doesn't have enough billable hours but either way, we all win when he makes a video. We first met him in 2011 and we've sort of been obsessed since because let's face it, good accounting videos are hard to come […]

Fiscal New Year’s Eve Fun: How To Handle Last Minute Time Entry Requests

Let no one say nothing good ever comes out of BDO. From the tip box: Hey Going Concern,   It's almost June 30, and you know what that means! Yep, BDO YE! That also means being bombarded with a million emails to enter all of our time. As a BDO lifer I don't know, but […]

Northern Illinois Accounting Professor Is the Subject of the Nerdiest, Most Obscure Hitler Parody Video To Date

The Hitler outburst video meme has long run its course but every once in a while, a new one emerges that is mildly amusing. Rarely are these videos centered on accounting-related matters and even if they are, they tend to be quite unfunny. Today, We received a link to the latest offering and yes, while […]

Are Accountants Planking at Work?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re familiar with the lamest Internet meme since last year’s bros icing bros – planking.

Planking is a “game” that involves people laying face down in normal to not-so-normal places and then having a friend take their picture while the planking is occurring. It’s been going on for a couple of months now but right out of the gate it was abundantly clear that planking was STUPID. Not stupid in the sense that “you can die while doing it” stupid but more so, “you and your friends are idiots” stupid. Despite this, people are “crazed” with it because, obviously, they are losers. And maybe racist.

ANYWAY, I bring this up A) it’s a fairly slow news day and B) a friend of a friend of GC emailed us the following query:

This is kind of a random idea but when watching this video,, I was wondering if accountants are planking at work, especially at Big 4/Big Regional firms like on copiers, partners’ desks, etc and have captured them in a video or in pictures. Even though I think the concept is kind of lame, I think about doing it every day including planking inside of one of the partner’s convertible which he leaves the top down all day. I would love to see if anyone has any great planking poses at work.

Yes, I am really bored at work and my mind tends to wander (a lot).

No problem friend of a friend, it’s summer and you’re a CPA, so boredom happens. Here’s the video in question:

Quite the montage of planktitude, isn’t it? Someone even took the opportunity to plank during Carmageddon which resulted in “Plankmageddon” (obv).

But back to our reader – even though I’m against planking in a general sense, I would not oppose planking inside a partner’s convertible. Especially if you emailed the picture to us. Of course you would have to take great precaution to not be identified but it may be worth the risk. And that goes for the rest of you. If the clock seems to be moving backwards at any point this summer, you should consider planking and then sending us the pictures. I’ll put forth a few conditions for scoring:

Planking on a manager’s desk – 100 points.

Planking on a partner’s desk – 500 points.

Planking on the office managing partner’s desk – 1,000 points.

Planking on the client’s conference table – 1,000 points

Planking in the lobby with your firm’s sign in view – 1,000 points

Photo of the office managing partner planking on his/her desk – 5,000 points.

Planking on a partner’s [insert luxury car here] – 5,000 points.

Of course this is not meant to discourage creativity on your part. If you have other suggestions, please offer them up below along with the points to be awarded. Happy planking.