October 22, 2020

Promotion Watch ’20: KPMG Admits 69 New Partners in Canada

We got a tip the other day that KPMG of the Canadian variety finally released its roster of new partners, and there are 69 lucky boys and girls who now get to take a seat at the grown-ups’ table.

Here’s a look at the class of 2020 by the numbers:

  • 30: The number of new partners who work in Toronto, the most of any location, followed by eight in Montreal, seven in Vancouver, and six in Calgary.
  • 22: The number of new partners who are women, or 32% of the class.
  • 22: The number of new partners who work in advisory, the most of any service line, followed by 19 in audit, 16 in tax, and nine in law.
  • 2: The number of new partners who either have the last name of Crystal or Wong.

Here are the newest partners at the House of Luongo:

  • Eugene Aceti, Audit, Toronto
  • Yannick Archambault, Tax, Toronto
  • Sam Balaz, Advisory, Montreal
  • Brittany Bartlett, Audit, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Imraan Bashir, Digital, Ottawa
  • Kim Bass, Tax, Regions West
  • Mathieu Bedard, Advisory, Montreal
  • Pascal Bélanger, Advisory, Montreal
  • Alex Benay, Digital, Ottawa
  • Shawn Bibeau, Tax, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • Lisa Cabel, Law, Toronto
  • Angela Ching, Advisory, Toronto
  • Gary Crystal, Audit, Toronto
  • Jason Crystal, Audit, Toronto
  • Dalwinder Deol, Tax, Toronto
  • Vincent Dionne, Law, Toronto
  • Audrey Dubois, Tax, Montreal
  • Kyle W. Ellis, Audit, Sudbury, Ontario
  • Erdem Erinc, Tax, Toronto
  • Daniel J. Ferman, Audit, Toronto
  • Prashanth Fernando, Advisory, Toronto
  • Susie Foley, Advisory, Vancouver
  • Grace Fung, Audit, Calgary
  • Harvey Garman, Law, Toronto
  • Ryan Gill, Tax, Vancouver
  • Leigh Harris, Advisory, Montreal
  • Shelley M. Hayes, Advisory, Calgary
  • Karsten Hiemstra, Advisory, Vancouver
  • Michael Hindley, Tax, Oakville, Ontario
  • Rebecca Ip, Advisory, Toronto
  • Amardeep Johar, Advisory, Toronto
  • Melanie Kerr, Managing Director, Talent Operations, BES
  • Kashif Khan, Advisory, Toronto
  • Brian Kornelsen, Audit, Winnipeg
  • Nathan Kozak, Tax, Waterloo, Ontario
  • Paul Lech, Advisory, Toronto
  • Louis-Alexandre Lehoux, Audit, Montreal
  • Philip Long, Law, Toronto
  • Shaira Nanji, Law, Calgary
  • Dan Nipp, Audit, Vancouver
  • Kristin Noble, Tax, Toronto
  • Sanjay Pathak, Advisory, Toronto
  • Damiano Peluso, Advisory, Toronto
  • Luc Picard, Tax, Montreal
  • Richelle Pollard, Law, Toronto
  • Alexander Rau, Advisory, Toronto
  • John A. Renaud, Audit, Windsor, Ontario
  • Micaela Roque, Audit, Prince George, British Columbia
  • Sebastian L. Rusin, Tax, Oakville, Ontario
  • Gregory Sanders, Law, Ottawa
  • Brook Scarr, Tax, Toronto
  • Todd Shaddick, Tax, London, Ontario
  • Jacob Smolack, Audit, Toronto
  • Daniel Soo, Law, Vancouver
  • Alaina Spec, Law, Kanata, Ontario
  • Amanda Spence, Tax, Calgary
  • Ken Su, Advisory, Vancouver
  • Trevor Thomson, Tax, Calgary
  • Robin Tong, Advisory, Edmonton
  • Jon Veldstra, Audit, Hamilton, Ontario
  • Bradley Waese, Audit, Toronto
  • Elizabeth Warnica, Audit, Toronto
  • Stu Wechsler, Advisory, Montreal
  • Jane Williamson, Audit, Toronto, Global
  • Michael Woeller, Audit, Vancouver
  • Danielle Wong, Audit, Calgary
  • Elaine Wong, Advisory, Toronto
  • Shant Peter Yeremian, Advisory, Toronto
  • Sue Ling Yip, Advisory, Toronto

Congrats to all the new Klynveldian partners north of the border!

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