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Marcum Has Positive COVID Case, Still Expects Employees to Come to the Office Bright and Early on Oct. 1

[Updated with additional information.]

As I am writing this, it is 12:30 a.m. ET on Oct. 1. Happy first day of October, everyone. And happy return-to-the-office day for all of you Marcum capital market servants. Especially to the employees who work at the firm’s office in New Haven, CT. These poor folks still gotta come in even though there’s been a positive Rona case among their ranks, according to a tipster who sent us this:

Wear those masks, people.

[UPDATE] So how’s the first day back going? We received this correspondence, not from New Haven but from someone in New York City:

First day back in the office. Both HR co-chiefs are working from home. Most of firm leadership also appears to be working remotely. Shameful…

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28 thoughts on “Marcum Has Positive COVID Case, Still Expects Employees to Come to the Office Bright and Early on Oct. 1

  1. It’s pretty eye opening that even-though work production is increased while employees work at home, there is still a giant push to get employees back in the office. Where is the common sense? Why risk the health of the employees when the work could be done at home? Seems like Marcum is more focused on making a political statement rather than keeping employees healthy and safe. Embarrassing.

    1. But hey! At least we still get Jeff’s political and social pandering “Thoughts of the Week”.

  2. So embarrassing for the firm. And most of the Marcum Partners I’ve spoken to don’t support this. AND If you don’t come back into Marcum offices full-time (even if you or someone in your household is high risk), you HAVE to go on an alternative work arrangement which may come with reduced salary and/or higher utilization targets.

  3. This timing is hilarious. Anthony Scilia, the regional leader who’s on that email, said on an all-hands New England call yesterday that “the COVID period is over now.”

  4. Interesting….I didn’t know Anthony was qualified to declare a global pandemic over. What’s going on in his head?

  5. Not sure why HR leadership would even need to come into the office, both of them can easily play Candy Crush and update their Facebook profiles from the comfort of home.

  6. Jeff Wiener and Tony Scillia are out of touch with reality. They think that because they say so, it is so. Totally the wrong approach with today’s workforce. Yet again, they are not known for sophistication. The old days of brute force command-and-control in the corporate world and especially in a firm whose assets walk out the door every day are…well… the old days. Their time is coming to an end. They may go kicking and screaming but they will go. No place for such “leadership” in today’s world.

  7. I think Anthony Scillia confused himself with Anthony Fauci when he declared the pandemic period to be over. It would be hilarious if it were not so sad and dangerous. Be serious Tony…

  8. I’m very frustrated that anyone reading this would think this is the way all Marcum employees are thinking or feeling. Marcum has, like other companies, done its best to juggle the needs of the clients with the well being of the employees. There have been lots of changes and challenges for everyone. Marcum has not cut salaries, not made layoffs, AND gave employees a stipend to get monitors and what was needed for them to work from home easier, Raises and bonuses were given although not what had been in prior years they weren’t withheld.
    The office was deep cleaned within 12 hours of finding out – can you say you wouldn’t have more exposure in the grocery store or the gas station?
    I don’t normally respond to anything on line but sometimes I need to stand up and say – this is wrong and the nonsense I’m seeing here needed another voice.

    1. Deep cleaning is hygiene theater. We’ve known for months that COVID doesn’t spread via surfaces.

      Making people come into the office is crazy, but if it’s absolutely necessary, why not have everyone in New Haven work remotely until they can get tested after being potentially exposed?

    2. Agreed. I really think this is getting overblown. We have been very fortunate. No layoffs, paycuts, etc. I have been grateful that Im at Marcum compared to other Big 4, national, regional, or local firms. Our largest competitors are doing all of this. Our smaller competitors took PPP funds and are still cutting staff and giving them pay cuts.

      They are still letting us work from home, they are just trying to figure out who is doing what.

    3. Yeah, and Mussolini made the trains run on time, right?

      Don’t be an apologist for these goofballs. They are CPAs, not epidemiologists. Creating a class division between the self-proclaimed lords and those who they regard as serfs in the current political climate is not just a bad look – it could prove disastrous to the financial health of the firm, lords and serfs alike.

  9. Why force the employees to return to the office, if it is not absolutely necessary? Regardless of whether the firm has not reduced salary, done layoffs, what is the added benefit to the company of having employees in the office (potentially endangering their health), especially if leaders/partners are not around? Senseless.

  10. You cannot talk sense to the Jeffs and Tonys of the world. They don’t get it (which is charitable) or worse they don’t care.

  11. If Jeff had the cohones he would undertake an anonymous survey of the firm if he wants to find out what the majority really thinks.

    1. You mean the same gentlemen who exhort employees to write phony positive reviews and post them on Glassdoor?

      1. We are an embarrassment.

        Jeff could do us all a favor by sitting out a few rounds.

        Go deep clean your conscience.

  12. Shameful conduct. The top management works from the safety of their homes, yet demands that staff risk their lives so Jeff can make a BS political statement. Not exactly what you’d call leading by example. In fact, just the opposite. If neither Jeff nor Tony have the balls to work in the office themselves they have no right to demand that others do. This is not what quality leadership looks like. Not even close.

    1. So I work in the New Haven office Tony has basically been in the office since the end of May

  13. So, seriously, people are buying the line that there haven’t been any layoffs? Not what I’ve heard, and not what you’ll see on Glassdoor. Marcum’s calling it something else, maybe.

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