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Would You Rather: Volunteer at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship or Work at KPMG?

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At first glance, the headline may sound like a silly question but hear me out! Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf pointed out that volunteers for the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship must pay $130 for the privilege for whatever it is volunteers at a major golf tournament do. Here are the details from the tournament website:

KPMG-Women's-PGA-ChampionshipIf you like watching golf or like working at KPMG, then this is a no-brainer. I suspect most people fall outside of those two camps. Full disclosure: I don’t like watching golf and used to work at KPMG, so I’m equally biased against both. I guess? Anyway, here’s a brief analysis for everyone else to consider:

  • Hours — The required volunteer hours at the golf tournament are, on average, far more reasonable than the working hours at KPMG. Advantage: Volunteers
  • Working environment: Employees will likely be in an air conditioned office. Volunteers could get rained on or bake in early summer Chicagoland humidity. Advantage: Employees.
  • Swag: Everyone’s getting clothes with KPMG’s logo on it, so there are no winners. Except for Phil Mickelson, Stacy Lewis, and Mariah Stackhouse, of course.
  • Pay — The volunteers are in a deficit situation; however, the 6-day access to the tournament is worth something, even if you hate watching golf. KPMG employees do earn a wage, but if you consider the hours, there’s a diminishing return. Advantage: Employees
  • Food: The volunteers may have access to food and water. KPMG employees may have access to Omaha Steaks. Advantage: Draw.
  • Perks — Last I checked, KPMG doesn’t pay for your parking.  Advantage: Volunteers
  • Reading material —  A golf program will be filled with ads for lame golf clothes, lavish timepieces, and sensible automobiles. Oh, and lots of KPMG professional services. KPMG employees get to read company policy manuals, accounting rules, tax law, and soulless emails from KPMG executives. Advantage: Draw.

That’s a score of 2 for Volunteers and 2 for Employees with 3 draws. It’s as tough of a call as I suspected. Choose wisely.