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Accounting News Roundup: Get With It, Audit Committees; States That Cut Taxes in 2013; Newsflash: Bank Execs Are Paid Well | 11.21.13

Audit Committees Urged to Be More Transparent [CFOJ]
If the National Association of Corporate Directors, Center for Audit Quality and Association of Audit Committee Members are to be believed, "there is a 'growing trend' among audit committees to provide more information," and if committees are slacking on that, "they should regularly offer investors details about their work."

Indian companies likely to shift to IFRS from April 2015 [TIE via CGMA]
I suppose this means the FASB can expect another guilt trip from the IASB about not getting on board.

The 18 states that cut taxes in 2013 [WaPo]
The other 32 states in this country obviously hate freedom.

IMA Joins IFAC in Support of the Global Management Accounting Profession [AWEB]
I sincerely hope this results in all out war with the CGMA.

Costco Apologizes for Labeling Bibles as Fiction [Time]
You can expect picketing outside stores nationwide.

KPMG's Minneapolis Office Achieves LEED Gold Certification [KPMG]
Why this warrants a press release, I have no idea.

Bank CFO Pay Continues Post-Crisis Ascent [CFO]
Knock me over with a feather. "Collectively, CFOs of U.S. banks and thrifts received their fourth straight increase in annual compensation in 2012, according to SNL Financial."

Here's Pete Maravich Giving Alabama Fans The Double Bird [Deadspin]
"[Via Reddit]this is Pistol Pete unloading both barrels on the Alabama student section after a game in 1970. They probably deserved it."

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