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To Whom It May Going Concern: Journalistic Integrity or the Lack Thereof; Someone Needs a Kuddle; Black Jokes?!

It's been a bit since we've done a To Whom It May Going Concern and that could be because a lot of you have been too busy to send us a steady stream of hate mail, lame tips and vague complaints. Things must be slowing down, though, because our beloved hate mail and nonsense is once again trickling in. Please, don't hold back, we want to hear from you. Sure, mostly because we want to mock you but at least you'll be wrapped up in a shroud of anonymity as we throw your pathetic carcass to the troll vultures.

First up, we have this person who questions Colin's commitment to journalistic integrity. Obviously this person must not be a regular around here or they would know we laugh in the general direction of that concept:

Nothing in this post is built on a single fact notwithstanding that D&T and PwC did in fact have a net loss of SEC audit clients. You are making-up hypothetical phone calls? Why don't you actually make a call instead and report the responses? I imagine these two firms have PR departments, no?

Or you could simply report the details of the Accounting Today report and let readers evaluate the numbers themselves. That may be best because I don't understand why you're writing that two firms don't care that they're losing money due to losing clients. What am I missing?

The punchline, perhaps? Listen, this isn't the freaking New York Times, bro. We're sorry we summarized an article and that the firms don't return our calls. We'll try to work on that for your sake. Or, even better, why don't you call their PR departments as a concerned citizen and let us know what they say? Thanks.

What else happened this week? That Guy posted a video of his co-worker sleeping in a bathroom stall and apparently someone had to bite their tongue to keep from making a racist joke… smh.

For the record, no we didn't take it down. And your tweet is still there too. So we're even.

And then we received this gem earlier today, which included a link we will redact:

[link to cam site] Porn star that wants to take CPA? LOL. Check the about me section.

I did check out said about me section, of course, and even briefly wondered if it was worth posting. Instead, however, I'm wondering why our tipster is cruising cam sites for Asian girls at noon on a Friday. Anyone know if there's a charge code for that activity?

But perhaps the best bit of recent hate mail received would be this one.

Subject: Are you not going to include good news about KPMG?

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]


I have been following Going Concern for awhile now and noticed how you guys never seem to post much good about KPMG yet you jump on negative articles BEFORE they are even released to the public. Are you not going to post their recent MAJOR client addition? Or the fact that another big 4 firm got dropped by this client?

All I really have to say about this is: feel free to send us some good news about KPMG and we'll consider posting it. Until then, you are misusing the tip box. Complaints like this should be sent to [email protected] and this elusive feel good KPMG news should be sent to [email protected]. We will be anxiously awaiting a flood of great news. And, hopefully, snarky comments directed your way.