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Advice on full-time needed

Hey guys – looking for someone who’s been around Big 4 for some real honest advice. Here it goes.

I’m interning in audit right now with a Big 4 firm in a very small office (audit practice only…. Only 30 people in our office) and the full time recruiting process is rolling around the corner. So here are my questions… I have 3 weeks left of my internship, and have still been in contact with the only other Big 4 in our city and will go through the full time recruiting process with them, how weird/normal/ or big of an asshole move would it be to intern with Big 4 A and take full time with Big 4 B? My second question is that I know this is probably only something I see myself doing for a few years to jump start my career… Should I stay in my city or request to be in a larger city with a larger office and bigger clients, I feel like that might provide me better exit opportunities?