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The Best Office Swag $1G Can Buy

Ok, so here we go.  In an effort to boost morale at my Company (note morale is generally OK, but we're in the energy business and energy sucks right now), someone in TPTB decided to give each of our 4 "Office pods" (there are 2 "pod" on two different floors in our building) $1,000 to spend on whatever we want to spruce up our office space, then at the end of the month everyone is going to walk around, ooohh and ahhhh, and the "best" floor gets a pizza party for lunch.  That's right, we win a pizza party.  The obvious items have been suggested, a full wet bar, a slide that goes from the third ot the first floor, etc.  There's also been a suggestion of giving everyone a $50 gift card.  All of that would, though, be frowned upon as it's not in the spirit of the event.  My personal opinion is we should decorate our floor with a 70's Disco Prom Theme, complete with mirror balls, cardboard cutouts to get your prom pictures taken with, lots of shiny shit hanging from the walls and doorways, etc. All just because it would be absurd.  Then I got to thinking, they're wanting us to put "permanent" additions into our office space, and eventually someone would have a seizure from the constant disco ball lights.  

So here's my question – considering the $1,000 cap, what are some of the best office innovations you've seen around, either at your own office or at a clients?  I'd also like to hear some of the worst, just because, well they'd be funny.  Thoughts?