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Spring Internship w/ Different Firm

I interned at B4 firm this past summer and accepted a FT offer. I graduate this year, December 2017, with 150 credits. The January 2018 start date at my firm may or may not be available this year. I have a feeling that it won’t be offered, but have been told that it depends on staffing needs. However, I need a job during this time regardless of staffing needs.

I am considering applying to one or two very small public accounting firms (< 10 people) that are interviewing on-campus this year for a spring internship. These internships would pay well, give me semi-relevant work, and keep me from having to wait tables. Also, these firms don’t intend to hand out FT offers, they just need temporary help.

In general, does anyone foresee this being a problem with my current firm?

I am just trying to gauge whether this question is worth asking my recruiter or if I even should ask it. Any feedback would be great!