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Inform my boss and mentor my CFA intentions?

Hello folks.  Hope to get your advice.

Should I divulge to my B4 partner or mentor that I am planning to pursue a CFA?   I am not even sure if the CFA program enrollment and exam fees are reimbursable.  

I have been with a B4 in just less than a month.  I used to work for a regional firm where I received my CPA but I left the work force to relocate overseas with my (former) husband.  

I feel that my intentions to be a CFA will raise eyebrows.  Aside from being new and have yet to demonstrate my work performance, my practice area is unrelated to CFA work experience requirements.  I am cofident I will be ale to balance work demands and preparation for the CFA exam just like I did for my CPA.

Instead of leaving the work force again to get an MBA, I feel that a CFA will be the most cost effective approach to demonstrate knowledge in the financial markets.  It should also provide an advantage in the event I want to explore other career options in the future.  Perhaps I can also transer services within my B4 so I can gain work experience for my CFA.