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Move from forensics to staff accountant/audit

I have worked for half a year in business valuation and now two years with a small forensics firm, doing mostly damage calculation analysis and lost revenues for insurance claims.

I have my cpa and have started interviewing, and met with a small general CPA practice that does tax, accounting, audit in NYC and also works with a fair amount of non-profits.

They seemed to like me and are hinting at an offer with a big bump in salary.  I have experience with non-profits so this appeals to me in the case that perhaps one day I could go to a non profit as assistant or controller.

However…I do enjoy forensics a lot, and wonder if I should keep looking or give this a shot and if its not to my liking try back with forensics in a few years.  I also wonder about unpredictability of hours in forensics, I have small kids at home and my wife works nights.  I can get babysitting with enough notice or should I just have them come every night?