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Flexible “Build Your Own Internship” with KPMG?

Hello all,

I am interning with KPMG this summer, and part of what attracted me was the flexibility of their internships (I recieved offers from the other Big 4, but this one stuck out to me more).  Now I know the Big 4 are quite similar firms, and I wanted to know what some more experienced Big 4 employees thought about this opportunity.  

This is quick description: "The program allows you to spend approximately five weeks in your “Core” function and approximately three weeks in your “Developmental” function."   My core function is audit, so my developmental function could be tax or advisory.  My plan was to begin in audit for the invaluable experience, and later examine my options for continuing in audit (possibly financial audit), moving into finance, or moving into consulting.  I am social, motivated, and enjoy problemsolving so I can really see myself going into consulting.  However, I am worried that having this additional development function (otherwise all the internship would be focused in one area) could prevent me from getting the full advantage of really getting to experience audit.  

I'd love to hear any advice.  Should I just start with audit and not worry about transferring/specializing until later when I have actually worked for a year or so?  Should I look harder into maybe jumping straight into consulting, or will an audit background really be useful like I've heard?  Any advice or commentary would be greatly appreciated, even about the different paths such as audit, financial audit, finance, or consulting.