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Big 4 Audit Senior/Manager (Copied from Another 71)

Questions for those who have been a Senior in Big 4 audit, or even mid-market firms (*please be as detailed as possible for example, how large were the bank recs you audited, how large were the spreadsheets you worked on*):

1. How many engagements have you managed at once?

2. What were your responsibilities on those engagements?

3. How many team members were you responsible for?

4. How did you usually code your time when you were helping a staff member?

5. What were the most important excel functions/tools that you must know?

6. Specifically, what was the most complex task you’ve encountered?

7. What methodology do you use to conduct research? (What site/tool/resource?)

8. How long on average does it take to make Manager and how did you accomplish it? (Based on seniority, did you move to another location, are you well-connected, etc?)