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Busy Season Zen: The Can Opener Bridge

We're going to take a different approach to Busy Season Zen today, as it's getting to that point where cute ducklings and cuddly kittens may not be doing it for you.

Perhaps you've seen this video making the rounds, and if so forgive me. Actually no, don't, I don't care.

11foot8 is a site that records footage of trucks getting sardine-canned at a railroad trestle in Durham, NC with a clearance of — you guessed it — 11 ft, 8 in. Despite copious amounts of signage, trucks continue to eat it as they take on the trestle, sometimes hilariously so.

Enjoy this mashup of trucks meeting said trestle in the most unfortunate way. (Warning: you may want to turn your sound down just a tad/wear headphones)

footage copyright Jürgen Henn –