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FYI: Effective August 1, Prometric Will Start Charging to Reschedule Your CPA Exam Date (Again)

Prometric announced recently it is bringing back the rescheduling fee, which was waived earlier in the year due to that little coronavirus thing. The change is effective as of August 1, 2020.

They explained the reasoning for the change in an email to candidates:

In response to the large-scale closure of the Prometric test center network and the massive number of candidate rescheduling transactions caused by the global pandemic, Prometric waived rescheduling for test takers. Prometric continues to expand options for in-center testing and reduce the backlog of outstanding candidate appointments. Therefore, Prometric will re-instate rescheduling fees on August 1, 2020, according to established program policies.

Here are the current rescheduling fees, courtesy of a chart from NASBA:

The good news is there are some exceptions, say if your testing center is closed due to act of God or maybe radioactive molerat outbreak (who knows, anything is possible in 2020). “Candidates who have their appointments canceled or rescheduled as a result of continued site closures or regional restrictions will not be penalized in this circumstance and are entitled to one free reschedule for their exam. Additionally, candidates who are unable to test due to COVID-19 illness or impact should follow our standard escalation procedure by utilizing the Test Taker ‘Contact Us’ form and choose ‘Request a Refund,'” Prometric wrote on their coronavirus update page. You can access the Contact Us page here.

As has always been the case, candidates are encouraged to check the Prometric website regularly for updates and to make sure you’re receiving candidate communications by email on an address you actually use and check. Candidates should also review test center closures prior to exam day to ensure their chosen testing center is open, as testing centers can be closed with little warning should there be a power outage, nasty storm, or an infestation of the aforementioned radioactive vermin.

So with all that in mind, choose your dates carefully and be prepared to cough up a rescheduling fee should your schedule change from August 1 on, unless you reschedule at least 30 days out from your exam, in which case there is no fee. For more detailed information on fees — rescheduling or otherwise — review the super helpful Candidate Bulletin.