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Mike McGuire Is Retiring From Grant Thornton

Mike McGuire with his man-crush, Rickie Fowler.

Farewell to Mike McGuire, former CEO-turned-CEO emeritus of Grant Thornton, who is hanging it up in February after 17 years with the Purple Rose of Chicago.

“I am so pleased about the progress we’ve made growing our firm and serving clients’ needs during my time at Grant Thornton,” said McGuire. “Participating in this work as a teammate, partner and leader has been the greatest honor of my professional life.”

Mike McGuire

We’ve had fun covering McG through the years, from when he was announced to succeed the dynamic Stephen Chipman as GT CEO in 2014, to putting together a 160-page plan on how GT would prosper during his tenure and then realizing NO ONE would read 160 pages of his musings so he cut it down to five pages, to comparing Grant Thornton to Tesla, to blowing off work to throw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game, to being one of the accounting luminaries who would’ve survived Thanos’s snap.

We’ll also miss the videos he did with his man-crush and Grant Thornton’s favorite golfer, Rickie Fowler.

From everything we’ve been told, McGuire was well-liked by GT employees, he’s been a good sport about our good-natured ribbing of him, and he’s a Cubs fan, which makes him OK in my book.

Prior to becoming GT CEO in 2014, McGuire served on the firm’s senior leadership team as national managing partner of operations and previously was managing partner of the firm’s Carolinas practice. He joined Grant Thornton in 2002 after a 20-year career at Arthur Andersen.

McGuire stepped down as CEO last June and took over the role of CEO emeritus and “brand ambassador” in August. Brad Preber, who was named GT’s interim CEO last summer, had the “interim” tag removed in November.

Where will McG turn up next? The press release states that he is “active with several civic and business groups and expects to increase these activities.” Maybe he winds up on a public company board of directors in the near future?

Whatever the case, happy trails, Mike. Maybe I’ll see you at Wrigley Field this summer.