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McGladrey Auditors to Resemble Sherpas More Than Ever Before

Being an auditor for a public accounting firm is a tough job. There is extensive travel, complex accounting rules to learn, client expectations to manage, partner egos to massage, and long hours to work. All for very little money and even less gratitude.

Fortunately, leaders within these firms try to assist their auditors in various ways, so their lives are a little less AWFUL. One of the ways is providing then them with technological tools. For example, late last year, McGladrey gave its employees iPads to use in the field. Despite the sleek portability and versatility of this new gadget, many Mickey OGs saw this as a ploy and responded with intense cynicism.

Well, McGaldrey leadership has not been dissuaded; earlier this week a source at McGladrey informed us that the firm will be bestowing more technological riches on its young auditors in order to enhance their opining experience: 

I am pleased to announce the firm will be making a portable second monitor available to help you efficiently serve our clients. Based on many requests from assurance client servers for dual monitors in the field and our commitment to providing you with useful technology, we conducted an evaluation of available options.
The monitor we’ve chosen is the Lenova Think Vision LT1421. We piloted this and other monitors during busy season and the Lenova monitor was the clear choice among pilot participants. At only 1.8 pounds, this full-size monitor (15 x 10 x 2.5 inches, to be exact) can be a very useful and practical tool when conducting audit engagements.
Several pilot participants told us:
·         It is exactly what auditors are looking for
·         It’s small, light and easy to use
·         Extremely portable
·         Provides a great amount of efficiency when clearing points and reviewing workpapers
·         Very helpful while working on multiple documents
We have made arrangements for local ITCs to have a Lenova monitor if you would like to see and evaluate it before they are ordered. Your ITC should have the monitor by Friday, June 15.
We plan to distribute the new portable monitors in late summer/early fall.
Our tipster's reaction? Thus: "Now we have to carry around a phone, laptop, iPad, and usb monitor with chargers for each." 
A bit measured for the typical McGladrey employee, but perhaps some of you have further thoughts on the latest addition to your growing pack of gear?