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(UPDATE) Comp Watch ’12: PwC Auditor Wants to Load Up for His Sit-down

With fifteen days to go in the fiscal year, one capital market servant wants to go in with guns blazing:  

I know some people are starting to have discussions this week at PwC on ratings (not sure of compensation) at least in the Greater Chicago Market. Mine isn't scheduled until next week, but would like to have any ammo available for the discussion.
Now that the pomp and circumstance of partner promotions is out of the way, the anxiety will really start amping up, and we're told it goes into July, depending on where you fall in the pecking order and your line of service. Anyone that's already had the pleasure is invited to share details. And if your review has yet to pass, just remember to keep a smile on your face, even when you think you might jump across the table. 
UPDATE, Monday ~11:15 am: The latest from the mailbag:
PwC comp discussions officially begin today…across all lines of service.
May the force be with you.