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Chartered Accountant Initially Figured Same Diff Between”Going Abroad” and “Going Away”

Apparently what the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales didn't know (i.e. that one of their members was doing six years for hiring a hit man) wasn't going to hurt them:

A member who resigned from ICAEW in 2002 saying he was going abroad, and no longer intended to practise, was in fact in prison serving a six-year sentence for soliciting to murder. The member, whose name has been withheld, eventually reported the truth in June 2003 once the appeal route was exhausted, but the Institute decided to take no action while he was out of membership. He was released from prison in August 2003. He applied for readmission in August 2006, but was refused. He then successfully reapplied in 2011, although the readmissions subcommittee forwarded details of his conviction to the ICAEW investigation division. ICAEW said that if it had known about his conviction at the appropriate time, he would have been excluded for the maximum 10 years.

All ICAEW members should make a mental note: if you find yourself in a tricky situation that needs a solution and you can live without your membership benefits for 10 years, hiring a hit man is NOT off the table.

ICAEW member hides prison sentence [Economia via AccMan]