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Manager Earning Potential

I'm a second year senior. I've been thinking about law school since I was a second year staff. I took the LSAT and did well. Subsequently I was admitted to several top 10 law schools this year. I would start in August.

At the same time, the partners have gotten wind of my law school plans are are telling me i would be up for early promo. The hypothetical promotion would kick in in September.

Should I stay for the promo? If I do I would be deferring law school for another year and I would be kind of old when I graduate. Given my experience and the schools I was admitted to, most lawyers tell me I will not have trouble finding a well paying firm job. On the other hand, if I can make 160+ in 3 years with an early promo (which is what I would be making at a law firm) I would be more than happy to stay and grind out a few more years.

Whenever I ask people how much managers make all I ever get are "it depends." I don't want to take the partners' word for it because they obviously have a vested interest in me staying. I dont really want to make a major life decision based on "it depends" or based on trusting the partners that have every incentive to bullshit me so all I can muster up is asking an anonymous message board on the internet.