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EY’s FIDS practice (Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Practice)

Hello all!

I hope this post finds everyone doing marvelous.

I am an incoming staff at EY. I'll be in the tax practice in one of the major markets in a northeast office.

I recently gained interest in joining the firm's FIDS practice in the near future (wanted to put some good ol hard work in tax prior to switching and have people vouch for me).

I assisted one of the FID seniors for two days when I was a tax intern last year and found the work to be more intriguing. I have passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam and going to start looking at the CFE.

How long do you think I should wait it out in tax prior to informing my recruiter that I want to make the switch to the FIDS practice? I'm willing to bust my ass and prove that I am a team player but really would love to do the switch in less than a year. I am also fully bilingual which I feel is a plus in forensics. 

Also, as I am in tax, I save a lot of money not owning a car (not paying insurance, gas, etc.) as we tax folks don't travel much or at all. Does anyone know how often this practice travels? If so, is it more flying, or driving?

I am 100% okay with flying anywhere and anytime or working from the office but really wish to not buy a car as I currently take care of my parents financially and that would only be an extra expense.

Anyone help me out?