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California CPA requirements

So I am graduating this fall with my requirements to sit for the CPA exam in Louisiana.  I have been working for a small oil and gas company for a while as an assistant to the controller.  My plan has always been to stay in Louisiana and get licensed here.  However, I am getting married next weekend and my uber rich uncle is coming to it.  Former CEO of a F100 company ect ect.  Anyway he lives in California and I was thinking about asking for a hookup.  I'm assuming the guy probably sits on a few boards. First question is what kind of hookup should I be looking for?  Big 4? F500 rotational program? I dunno, I'm just an average joe from a podunk town in the middle of nowhere.   Second question, assuming the job was in California how much of a pain in the ass would it be to get licensed there.  They have some weird requirements about your extra 30 hours.  Would it be better to stay in Louisiana long enough to get licensed here?