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Let’s Take a Look Back at the First Tweets of Accounting Firms

Twitter turned 8 today and in celebration, released a tool to dig up a user’s very first tweet.

Because we know you’re going to be tempted to see what GC had to say on the very first day we joined Twitter, I’ll save you the trouble. We auto-tweeted “The Eagle Ponz Has Landed” which, presumably, led to a blog post but that link, much like our spirits, is broken now.


PwC was really excited about a holiday few people who work there get to properly celebrate:

EY seemed a little confused by how Twitter works:

Deloitte was definitely a lot confused by how Twitter works:

McGladrey got it right but didn’t know how the @ function works:

KPMG jumped right in:

We’re pretty sure GT deleted a ton of embarrassing tweets that came before this one:

And of course, we have to share Colin’s first tweet. Five years on, he’s still this boring and constantly nagging me to eat better: