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Assemble the Superhero Weapons You Need to Overcome the Changing CPA Exam

CPA Exam

So, the powers that be have called upon you to serve humanity as a defender of accounting justice. Though you may already be equipped with your accounting degree and relevant work experience, you have yet another formidable challenge to face before you can fulfill your destiny: the CPA Exam.

A great shadow falls over your confidence when you learn that the CPA Exam is changing. The previous CPA Exam was a worthy opponent in itself, but the mutations of the 2016 and 2017 CPA Exams threaten to release new and unfamiliar obstacles that could impede your path to CPA Exam success. As the exam grows stronger and more intimidating with each transformation, it becomes clear that taking the CPA Exam in 2016 is the best plan of attack. You know you must combat the CPA Exam as soon as you can, but with menacing adversaries standing in your way, you’re unsure of what it will take to pass. Therefore, you should size up the 2016 and 2017 CPA Exams changes to determine which superhero weapons you will need to defeat the different versions of the exam.

Version 1: Block These Changes with a Vibranium Shield Like Captain America’s

If you take the CPA Exam in Q1 or Q2 of this year, you will encounter three small changes that went into effect on January 1, and you can easily deflect these changes with a solid plate of exam emulation. The three changes include:

  • Certain screens have been modified with new software.
  • The timer counts down the seconds when only two minutes of time remain on the test.
  • The finish button now says, “Submit Testlet” instead of “Exit.”

Version 2: Be Impervious to These Changes with Powered Armor Like Iron Man’s

If you take the exam in Q3 or Q4, you will have to deal with the DRS. The DRS, or Document Review Simulation, is a derivative of the Task-Based Simulation. Originally slated to not appear until 2017, the DRS could now be coming at CPA Exam Candidates as early as Q3 of 2016. However, you can steel yourself against its blows by arming yourself with extensive practice on an updated course. In a DRS, candidates will review a document draft by deciding if highlighted sections of the text are correct, should be deleted, or should be replaced with something else. Whether or not the DRS is graded, you will need hardened experience with it to overcome this change.

Level 3: Call Upon the Might of a Thunderous Hammer Like Thor’s To Take Down These Changes

If you wait until next year to take the CPA Exam, the 2017 version might seem like an other worldly force that demands intense accounting strength to fight. One of the main reasons the 2017 CPA Exam may resemble an alien encounter is the fact that it will test candidates at higher levels of knowledge than ever before. Rote memorization is no longer going to cut it as candidates will be expected to reconcile, conclude, and evaluate scenarios as well as memorize and apply facts. Basically, the 2017 CPA Exam will be more difficult, and consequentially, preparing for it may require a greater commitment of time and effort. Yet, only the candidates who make this commitment will prove they are worthy to wield the exam prep with extremely thorough content coverage that delivers the decisive blows needed to stand victorious over the 2017 CPA Exam.

So where can CPA Exam Candidates find such effective resources with which to take on the 2016 and 2017 CPA Exams? In the most current, comprehensive, and customer-focused CPA Review course available, which you can try for free today. And while you are researching the best defenses against the CPA Exam Changes, get even more crucial details about your shape-shifting opponent by reviewing our Guide to CPA Exam Changes. Let it inspire you to throw down the infinity gauntlet and take the 2016 CPA Exam as soon as you can knowing that you have a trusty sidekick in Gleim CPA Review, the leader in accounting exam prep.