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Internal Audit Offer

I received a job offer for a Senior Internal Audit position in industry.

I have 1.5 years of audit experience and 3 years of transaction services experience at a Big 4 firm. If all goes well, I would be up for promotion to Manager next year, but I’m really tired of the long hours and the unpredictability in schedule, and I’m honestly just burned out. To be honest, I would mainly be interested in the Manager title, but not the additional stress and administrative work that goes with it. The internal audit job pays more and would have much better hours, but I couldn’t see myself doing internal audit forever, and I would want to have the option to move up in the company.

Question is, would leaving and taking an offer for a Senior Internal Auditor position at this point in my career be a stupid decision, or should I just stick it out and try to make Manager?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!