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Messed up on recruiting season

Hey Guys,

I'm currently a senior at a  tier 2 university around Dallas, TX. I messed up on recruiting season in the spring and did not end up choosing a firm that gave me an offer. A little about me, my cumulative GPA at my university is a 3.8. My accounting GPA is 3.63. I also plan on starting grad school in the spring with the end goal of getting my CPA. I have a few questions:

1.) How should I approach obtaining an internship in Spring 2015 for public accounting with a focus on audit at this time? What are my chances?

2.) If starting in audit at a non big 4 firm is it possible to switch to IT Audit then go into management consulting? I'm just not sure I want to do audit for the rest of my career and was wondering what the exit opportunites will be.