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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte’s Indepedence Dance; BDO Revenues Driven By Growth in China; Wesley Snipes on Larry King | 12.09.10

Obama Woos Wary Party on Tax Deal [WSJ]
President Barack Obama’s tax-cut compromise with Republicans was greeted with anger from fellow Democrats in Congress Tuesday, but many seemed resigned to accepting it as the best deal they could get and a step toward reviving the weakened economy.

Democrats criticized the broad tax package for cutting taxes on high earners and setting tax rates too low on large inheritances, as well as for its effect on the country’s budget deficit. But Democrats also said they didn’t yet see a revolt spreading so far that it would derail the agreement in the Senate. Prospects for passage are more uncertain in the House, where many liberal members are balking at planned changes to the estate tax.

Did Deloitte Compromise Independence in McClellan Insider Trading Scandal? [Forbes]
Francine untangles the web.

Greenberg: Does Green Mountain News Pass Sniff Test? [CNBC]
CNBC’s Herb Greenberg is curious about Vermont-based Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ earnings call that is slated for Thursday after the markets close.

BDO’s global fee income jumps 5% [Accountancy Age]
Global accounting network BDO has reported a growth in fee income of 4.92% across its member firms after a strong performance in the Asia Pacific region. For the year ended 30 September 2010, BDO’s fee income was €3.89bn (£3.27bn). Asia Pacific was the fastest growing region, which saw its revenues rise 32%. This success was attributed to the expansion of its operations in China, which saw growth of 65% to €149m over the last year.

Obama-GOP Tax Deal: Winners and Losers [TaxVox]
Biggest loser: fiscal responsibility!

Wesley Snipes Talks Taxes on Larry King [TaxProf Blog]

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