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Incoming TAP staff at EY (Diff pay for diff start date)

Hi everyone,

This summer I interned for EY and was offered a FT position for next July. I am graduating this semester and would like to start in January. However because the fiscal year does not end till June, the offer needs to be redrafted if I would like to come in January. The problem here is that my compensation would be lowered. 

My base salary is going to be lowered by 3k and my signing bonus is lowered by 2.5k.

However I would be eligible to become staff 2 by october. I was told I would be guaranteed back my initial base pay if not more by October. My concern is that I would fall behind by taking a lower base pay. I understand the ratings and our raise is based off that. However if all things being equal, when the july class is eligible for staff 2, their pay would of been higher than my staff 2 pay. Am I understanding this correctly? Or are there adjustments made along the way? 

My question is, would I fall behind in the payscale if I decided to start January compared to July because of the 3k difference?