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If No One Else Will Hire You, Maybe You Should Call Deloitte

This is from Jim Moffatt, Chairman and CEO of Deloitte Consulting, as written in The Hill:

"That’s why, in January 2014, my organization, Deloitte, joined more than 300 companies – including 20 members of the Fortune 50 – in signing the White House’s Best Practices for Recruiting and Hiring the Long-Term Unemployed. We did this for two reasons – for the health of our own organization’s hiring practices, and because we believe this is a broader challenge for the American economy and we want to be part of the solution.

At Deloitte, we are constantly recruiting and hiring. Last year alone we hired 18,000 people. We have seen firsthand how powerful it can be to hire those who have been unemployed for long periods. The personal impact on the employee is significant – both for them and their family – but we benefit as well. When you hire someone who has been out of work for a significant length of time, you sometimes find that their gratitude and relief at having a job results in a truly passionate, committed employee."

Color us curious, just how many of those 18,000 people hired last year were long-term unemployed? In their defense, Deloitte does offer tips for long-term unemployed job seekers (27 weeks or more) as well as case studies to encourage employers to consider this forgotten class of U.S. worker.

As for how many of Deloitte's own are in the long-term unemployed camp? Who knows.