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Team Deloitte is Ready to Kick Some Ass at the 2024 Olympics

Olympic figure in Athena, Greece

I have nothing negative to say about this (for once).

Everyone, meet Team Deloitte. These 25 elite athletes – among them 19 Deloitte professionals along with a few Deloitte alumni and sponsored athletes — are training to qualify for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. What an incredibly creative and difficult way to get out of busy season.

Paris 2024 Olympics Team Deloitte

I do have something negative to say about Deloitte’s announcement and that is “oh my God give me a break.”

Many retired Olympians and Paralympians have come to Deloitte for their post-competitive careers and are using the qualities and skills it takes to be an elite athlete performing at the highest levels to thrive at Deloitte.

The IOC announcement has the athletes’ photos and their roles at Deloitte, lots of analysts and consultants in here. Deloitte also has the full roster.

Deloitte professionals training for the Olympics

Tiffany Leung, Paris 2024 hopeful in Breaking and Senior Consultant at Deloitte Canada says Breaking and Deloitte actually vibe well. “I always thought that Breaking and Deloitte were two completely different worlds, and that I would have to choose one to excel and advance in. I almost considered giving up my Olympic ambitions but decided to reach out to Deloitte for potential support. Now with Deloitte’s support, I can continue to advance my career while pursuing my dreams outside of work. Deloitte and Breaking share a lot of synergies and the skills that I learned in the professional world are transferrable to Breaking. They both require the same level of excellence, perseverance, dedication, and passion,” she said. Breakdancing (“Breaking”) was added to the 2018 Youth Olympics and is making its Olympic Games debut at Paris 2024.

Here’s what IOC has to say about Team Deloitte:

Featuring an exciting blend of seasoned stars and promising newcomers, the Team Deloitte roster includes 12 Olympians and four Paralympians, as well as a host of athletes who are vying for their first appearances at the Olympic or Paralympic Games. The diverse line-up features athletes from across the world, representing 14 countries in 15 different sports – from rowing, para canoeing, hockey and sailing to the new Olympic sport of breaking.

With 19 of the company’s professionals represented, the selection of Team Deloitte for Paris 2024 marks the first time that a Worldwide Olympic Partner has been able to support so many of its own employees on their journey to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Over the years, thirty-seven Deloitte professionals have participated in a combined seven summer and three winter editions of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, from Atlanta 1996 to Tokyo 2020. 16 medals — ten gold, four silver, and two bronze — have been earned by these professionals.

“As we look toward Paris 2024, we’re thrilled to introduce Team Deloitte, an extraordinary group of dual-career Deloitte professionals and elite athletes who exemplify the unique qualities required to succeed in both sport and business,” said Deloitte Global CEO Joe U. “.We are excited to support and celebrate their journey to qualify for Paris 2024.”

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  1. Maybe if they spent less time fucking around doing everything except their jobs, they’d get better results on their PCAOB reviews. I swear, public accounting is like fucking romper room these days. The inmates are running the asylum. I’ve never seen people who work so little bitch so much about how overworked they are.

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