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How soon can I request an office transfer? [Advisory/MC]

I left NYC for an opportuniy with a B4 firm in my home state in late October. While I love the new job, I absolutely hate the city I ended up in and would like to get back to NYC asap. How soon is too soon to ask for an office transfer? I wouldn't be asking for an immediate transfer (though I'd take one) – I was just thinking about bringing it up with my coach so it was on everyone's radar, as I know these things can take time.


For what it's worth, my particular practice is very small and national – there are less than 100 of us firm-wide and staffing is NOT handled regionally. We travel every week and most people in the group never actually go into their home offices.


Other pertinent info:

*I didn't get a relocation package when I moved in October

*I'd be willing to forego any kind of relocation package or salary adjustment (at least initially), if they were willing to help facilitate this sooner rather than later

*I'm a SA


Is any of this feasible, or would I be committing career suicide?