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Accounting News Roundup: Accountants Wanted; Finding a New Job in 2015; Female CFOs and Tax Shelters | 01.06.14

Hiring Outlook Finds More Companies Have Accounting Job Vacancies [AWEB]
The Brilliant/University of Michigan survey found thirty percent of the HR professionals and hiring managers responded that they had open accounting positions.

How You'll Find a New Job in 2015 [FC]
With the above in mind, you're likely to find your next job on LinkedIn. But, then again, maybe you'll find it through your network.

Ernst & Young's Patrick Niemann is not just a numbers guy [LAT]
He's the L.A. OMP. His Dad was in the same position for EY's St. Louis office. Two of his brothers worked at Andersen. This is how he describes auditing: "[Y]ou are verifying that your client has done the right thing, that their financial statements are materially accurate and fairly stated. It feels good to be able to do that." 

Women CFOs Less Likely to Use Tax Shelters, Study Finds [CFO]
17% less likely.

Someone is dreaming of Davos:

This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends [Jalopnik]
With "Nearer My God to Thee" accompanying.