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Horror Stories From the CPA Exam: The Prometric Nose Bleed

Note: this story came to us from "a friend" of a test taker but it came with a photo we're going to have to heavily censor and sorry in advance to the victim but we just had to given the ridiculousness of this claim. Is Prometric truly this heartless? Well, given past incidents, I guess it isn't all that ridiculous.

Here's the story from the mailbag:

My friend [sat for the exam] a few months ago.  Right after she started the simulation section, her nose randomly started bleeding.  Since she was in the middle of a section, she wasn't allowed to leave the testing room to go to the bathroom unless she ended her test and the Prometric employees would not even give her a tissue.  Not wanting to forfeit her test, she stayed to finish the simulations with blood dripping down her face.  Afterwards, she took this picture in the bathroom and sent it to me with the caption "post-CPA".

Really? REALLY? Not even a tissue? That's a crime. I can almost understand not allowing her a pass to go to the bathroom mid-test because that might be considered unfair to the rest of the candidates who didn't have blood gushing down their faces but REALLY?!

Poorly edited photo as follows (sorry, tipster, we did what we could to conceal her identity, we ain't Picasso of Photoshop over here):

Now, we really must know, did she pass?

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