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The Trial Date Has Been Set in the Big Wage and Hour Lawsuit Against PwC

Ever since Going Concern was launched in 2009, we've been following Campbell v. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the wage and hour lawsuit brought by audit associates in California. It's one of many suits floating around in the legal system but Campbell has slowly progressed through the courts, including arguments before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on whether PwC could litigate that unlicensed accountants could be exempted from overtime laws. The 9th Circuit ended up ruling in PwC's favor although it was just a bump in the road, as things seemed headed for trial earlier this year when the 9th Circuit denied the firm's petition for declassification of the suit. 

But now according to the website of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, the firm representing the class, there was a conference on June 12 where a pre-trial schedule was outlined and a definitive trial date of October 15, 2014:

October 30, 2013: Supplement all previously provided discovery
November 15, 2013: Disclose expert witnesses and commence expert depositions
February 10, 2014: Disclose rebuttal expert witnesses and commence depositions of rebuttal experts
April 28, 2014: File motions relating to expert witnesses
May 30, 2014: Hearing on motions relating to expert witnesses
June 16, 2014: Plaintiffs to file Joint and Separate Pretrial Statements
July 14, 2014: Final Pretrial Conference with the Court
October 15, 2014: Start of Trial (estimated to take 40 days)
Given the resources at PwC's disposal, it should come as no surprise that it'll be 5+ years before there's a resolution (we won't bother talking about the appeals process). Some of your kids will be in school by then!  
PwC declined to comment for this post.
This is exciting stuff. It's not Law & Order SVU, I grant you, but it's interesting to see the progress so far as well as the amount of time that it has taken the case to navigate the legal system. And since many of you readers reside out there in KaLEEfornya, we figure it's worth our time to keep tabs on this one. 
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