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October 3, 2023

no way

Feed the Pig Shares Some Suggestions For Emptying Out Your Bank Account at Christmas

We aren't sure why our pal Benjamin Bankes shared this because that weird pig-man with the slot in his head is FRUGAL, y'all: Is your holiday #budget over or under $700? #Gallup Check out 5 fabulously frivolous #holiday #gifts @Bankrate: — Benjamin Bankes (@feedthepig) December 16, 2013 Wait a second… there is no one […]

Horror Stories From the CPA Exam: The Prometric Nose Bleed

Note: this story came to us from "a friend" of a test taker but it came with a photo we're going to have to heavily censor and sorry in advance to the victim but we just had to given the ridiculousness of this claim. Is Prometric truly this heartless? Well, given past incidents, I guess […]