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Let’s All Freak Out at Once About the Possibility of CPA Exam Scores Being Released One Day Late

Today's CPA exam freak out comes courtesy the tip box. Just a reminder to those wanting to freak out via said tip box, please include an email address so we can write you back for more details – in this case, those "more details" would have been the actual email from NASBA. Derp:

The NASBA sent out an email saying they are pushing back the final score release date to the 11th from the 10th. I can't wait that extra day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa whoa, slow it down there, killer. It was always the 11th, at least per the score release timeline that was released as of July 31st available on the AICPA's website. If you religiously read Going Concern, you'd already know that.

Thankfully someone else with a little more presence of mind forwarded me over the NASBA timeline reminder, which mentions nothing of a change but simply clarifies the dates already published. Here's the breakdown from the email that went out yesterday:

Here's the old timeline on the AICPA's website I took a screenshot of back in July:

Apparently, an alternate, incorrect version of the timeline on the AICPA's blog in June included Labor Day as a business day which listed the target score release for the Day 46 – close of window as September 10th, hence the confusion. This was brought to their attention and corrected. Considering the fact that the AICPA was made aware of this yesterday and the email came out from NASBA a few hours later, we wonder if the candidate who pointed it out prompted NASBA's action or if it was just a coincidence.

While we are on the subject, we hear those candidates who took their exams beyond the usual close of the window due to Hurricane Isaac can likely expect their scores to released at the same time, though shouldn't count on it as delays can and do happen.

Anyway, SEPTEMBER 11. Official date. Relax now, there's nothing you can do but wait.