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September 29, 2023

Chattanooga Is the Accounting Job Market’s Best-Kept Secret

chattanooga accounting jobs

Looking to relocate? If so, you’ve probably Googled “Best Cities for Accountants” and found lists like this one.

But there’s a city you won’t find on those lists, one we keep hearing about as a great place to work: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ooh, look how pretty

Chattanooga delivers some of the best-looking landscapes you’ll find in the U.S. Just check out this view from Lookout Mountain:

chattanooga accounting

Or how about a waterfall?

chattanooga accounting

The Tennessee River, which cuts through the heart of the city, doesn’t look too bad either:

chattanooga accounting

The gorgeous landscapes and incredible scenery have led Outdoor Magazine to name Chattanooga the best town ever. If you’re into hiking, climbing, camping, rowing, or just looking at pretty things, a Chattanooga accounting job might be right for you.

Cost of living = money for playing

You’ll have plenty of extra cash to explore outdoor adventures and nightlife thanks to Chattanooga’s low cost of living. The average apartment goes for $897/mo. Compare that to Manhattan, where the average place is $3,752. Even if you’re a loner just looking for a studio, it’ll cost you about $2,926/mo to live in the heart of the Big Apple.

Chattanooga accounting salaries are typically lower than that of larger cities, but with the amount of money you’ll save on cost of living, you could come out way ahead.

Big enough, but not too big

Chattanooga may be the perfect mid-size city. It has many of the perks of a metropolis—great food, nightlife, job opportunities, transportation, music, etc. But it’s low on big city problems. Traffic isn’t too bad, and the locals are known for their Southern hospitality, not the East Coast silent stare.

It’s also well situated between two other great cities, Nashville and Atlanta (about a two-hour drive to either.) So while there’s lots of great stuff in the city, a vacation to even more fun is a short drive away.

So where should I work in Chattanooga?

We’re so glad you asked. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee is currently hiring accountants there, and its heavy focus on work/life balance will ensure you have plenty of free time to get the most Chattanooga can offer.

BCBS of Tennessee also offers its own perks, including a yoga studio, pharmacy, clinic, and a gym with trainers. It recently held a survey among employees regarding engagement and satisfaction. While the entire staff gave high marks for quality of work/life balance, the accounting team turned in even better reviews than the company average, showing an exceptionally high rate of satisfaction.

Apply for a job at BCBS of Tennessee now

If you are interested in a career with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, submit your resume here or check out the open jobs below.

Latest Accounting Jobs--Apply Now:

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