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Here’s Your Open Thread for Deloitte Compensation Discussions (2015)

It's been an interesting year at Deloitte.

They became the first accounting firm to elect a woman as CEO. They're trying to do away with performance rankings. And Deloitte Disneyland has made every one of us sick (envy for non-Green Dots; indigestion and wicked hangovers for the employees).

But has it translated into a successful year for the rank 'n' file? We're about to find out because we've had enough people bark at us in the last week about a Deloitte compensation post to succumb to their wishes.

The tax people seem anxious:

Deloitte Tax comp is coming out 8/24. Not sure if you want to start a thread yet.

Some are just getting mean:

Deloitte comp discussions have started. Where the hell is the thread???

But others are nicer:

Deloitte Comp thread? 🙂

And so it begins. Once again, participants appreciate the following info:

  • City (region is not informative) & Line of Service
  • Promotion (if applicable) & Rating
  • % Raise
  • % Bonus (if any)
  • Optional: Old & New Base

Go get 'em, Green Dotties.