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Here’s an Unconfirmed Story of an Audit Associate Dropping Out of Deloitte University After Getting a Better Offer

We've all heard the urban legends of the guy from another market who threw his laptop at a partner and stormed out in a moment more epic than the "fuck you" scene from Half Baked but very rarely do we actually get to witness these moments personally (not counting all the times I've drunkenly cussed out Caleb and told him to shove this website up his ass).

In the case of this unconfirmed story of one young man who may have actually walked out of Deloitte U training due to receiving another offer, we unfortunately don't have proof this actually happened. Our tipster – while in attendance – did not actually see this guy leave so we don't know if he simply slipped out the back door or made a scene on his way out. And we may never know.

So there was an audit associate who packed up and walked out of training at Deloitte U this week because he recieved an offer from another company.

Huh. So what, the other offer just happened to come in right after the guy sat down? Not quite.

[H]e put his 2 weeks in via e-mail the morning training started.  About an hour or so later, the PIC (partner in charge) called him to go home and work the last 2 weeks out and not stay at training.  I am sure he got more than an earful when he returned to the office.
Apparently this was an exceptionally small training so the odds that anyone actually saw him pack up are pretty slim. But we hear he's already a legend at the office. Perhaps an urban legend but a legend none-the-less.
The clincher? The other offer was allegedly not from another public accounting firm. Burn.