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October 2, 2023

job offers

Accounting Talent Demanding Everything Shy of the Moon, Your First Born

There's an article over at the Journal of Accountancy on counteroffers that you can read it if you like, but we've covered the topic before and it's a pretty rare situation that you should ever accept one.


You Can Turn LinkedIn Stalking Into a Job, Says Guy

Forgive my skepticism but I don't see the "Who's Viewed Your Profile" feature on LinkedIn as an opportunity to return the stalk, make a new connection and possibly land a new gig. But this guy seems to be convinced that's exactly what you can do: If you look at the right side of your LinkedIn […]

Here’s an Unconfirmed Story of an Audit Associate Dropping Out of Deloitte University After Getting a Better Offer

We've all heard the urban legends of the guy from another market who threw his laptop at a partner and stormed out in a moment more epic than the "fuck you" scene from Half Baked but very rarely do we actually get to witness these moments personally (not counting all the times I've drunkenly cussed […]